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I’m slowly losing faith in GrandNavi, I’ve been regularly ordering these 7” units for over 6 month now, started off great but are slowly getting little niggly issues which is upsetting. but Lydia is amazing with communication and customer support, she is recently going through a tough time but has been amazing. The warehouse seems to be rushing with the manufacturing and setup of these units as I’ve had more and more issues with Apple CarPlay and Android auto, they struggle to connect wirelessly first time, sometimes not at all. CarPlay and AA Audio is jittery and pauses every 2/3 seconds and restarts, internal mic volume is very low, previous orders these have all been great and couldn’t have faulted. I’ve had some screens go black and lose all screen functions. A new issues is that the google play services error which prevents you from signing into the play store. I hope this review helps Grand Navi take time building and testing their units before sending them to customers.
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